Conlibrio probably is the biggest small company in  the world. Able to flexibly respond to your questions  and specialised  in interactive, very goal and  result  oriented programmes. Creative and tailormade to help  you improve organisational performance.



Our customers come in all shapes and sizes.  
Wether it is individual  coaching, team and large  group interventions or something in between, we are  ready to contribute.

As long as it is about Aligning People & Culture with  Results & Strategy.


We are a passionate little group. You will notice at once, when you meet us. At the start you might find us difficult. We ask a lot of questions. This we do because we want to know the all the ins and outs of the matter and understand your question fully.

We coninue to built further with you to discover which method is best suited to meet your challenges and which will be the added value and the investment.

From the very start the proces is interactive and so truly made to measure. We do this in a quick and focused manner, this way it will cost you little time. We continue by meeting our appointsments and booking results. Just ask our past and current clients.


At Conlibrio we believe the price is determined by the added value. That is why we base our rates on the complexity and the added value of your project. We believe that our value and cost is  calculated  by how much your company improves.

To be able to calculate this we have developed our Client Value Tracker©. This is an application with which we can dertime together with you, in all transparancy, what our rate will be.

Our values

We embrace equality
For us everyone is equally important.

We are authentic
We feel free to be ourselves, regardless of the circumstances and allow others the same freedom. We have the intention to do what we think is right and just.

We are honest
We do not play games with people, honesty and openness come natural to us.

We work with an open mind
We are always looking for new information, solutions and inspiration and are open for the thoughts, ideas and convictions of others.

We add value
In every contact with people we add noticeable and instant value, contributing to mutual growth.

The team




One-dimensional text and images are unable to convey the essence of what we do. If in your organisation People & Culture are not Aligned with Results & Strategy, you want to know more about us.

Just get in touch with one of our partners for a more complete picture of us and our approach or send us an e-mail.

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All aligned and ready to go?

Just like you, we experience every day that aligned  people perform better. That is why we developed the  "Six Keys to Align People & Culture with Results &  Strategy".



Click on the colours on the right to see the keys of Conlibrio.

Business cultures come in all shapes and sizes

Aligning People & Culture with Results and Strategy. This sentence has a number of interesting implications. It is not new to align people with results and stategy. But it is a different matter for business cultures. A lot of managers are still searching for the way to do this. Conlibrio has a signifant amount of experience in this field en can therefor advice and support you in this.

Business cultures come in all shapes and sizes

Define your business culture

By using the Conlibrio Colours of Culture application we can, with your help, outline your business culture in a 4 hour workshop. Good to know, when you are hiring new staff, want to avoid problems with suppliers or send the correct and trustworthy image of your comapny to (potential) clients.

Interested? Please contact us for more information, no strings attachted.

Define your business culture

People & culture


Most people don't see themselves as  "Human Resources" or "Human Capital" but as individuals. Individuals which are made to make social connections. From that position we are eager  to contribute to a greater whole where we  find our place.

The strongest motivation comes from within,  when we understand how we can contribute and achieve our personal goals at the same time.


Individual Coaching

Sometimes people need a helping hand. More and more team-members and managers acknowledge that they need personal attention for a personal challenge, besides the regular training.

These challenges can vary greatly. Sometimes it's about adapting to a new environment,sometimes about improving personal presentation. It can relate to a deep sense of disconnection between the current situation and ones personal ambition. Some people need some support to master the change following a promotion.

To Conlibrio, individual coaching means a personal process between coach and coachee; and it's always based on well defined goals and results.

Individual Coaching

Team Coaching

What's a team? According to us, the answer to that question is:

"A team is a group of people who have to work together to reach a common goal."

Team development starts, according to us, by determining whether or not the group needs to be a team. Only then it will become clear if we will cooperate with you. Our six-keys model provides enough structure to find this out.

Defining clear goals, roles and responsibilities; measuring achievements and follow up will than be brought to the attention naturally. As will, defining the cultural profile of the team, competences and diversity required for success.

Team Coaching

More than Leadership

"Managers not MBA's!" a wish uttered by Mintzberg, one of THE managment-philosophers of our time. A quote we agree with, at the same time an MBA is more likely to be an asset rather than a hinder when it comes to leading companies. But no garantee either for real leadership.

To inspire large groups of people starts with a individual search for authenticity and aspiration. The More Than Leadership program by Conlibrio therefor emphasizes the individual experience of choices and contradictions. Besides there is a lot of attention to develop entrepreneurship and connecting leadership.

More Than Leadership is therefor all in all a program which offers more than the average leadership program.


"I know the business culture should support the strategy, but  where do I find the *%é&@§$ manual?"

Does that question sound familiar to you?  Then Conlibrio has the answer. With the highly interactive and inspiring Conlibrio Colours of  Culture application, your current and desired organisational culture can be mapped quickly.

The outcome will help you, to draw conclusions and  plan appropriate action.


How do you analyse a corporate culture? This is the question we would like to answer. We are above all inspired by the attempts of Quinn and Daniel Denison in making the understanding and transformimg of a corporate culture less "fuzzy".

These 2 sources, combined with our own experience and knowledge, has led to the cretaion of our innovative, serious, but playful Colours of Culture© instrument. With this we support you and your team to discover the current and desired corporate culture; including the matching behavioural related competences and fitting personality profiles.

The distinct results from a Colours of Culture© workshop give a clear and evident picture of your current culture, the desired culture, or both; expressed in terminology which is easy to understand and reproduce. Besides, the followed process enhences the understanding, respect and relations within the team and a strong feeling of ownership upon result.


Unfortunatly the last one to discover who is swmmig in the small bowl is the goldfish itself. To get the correct picture of ones own corporate culture it is not always enough to look at it yourselves.

To annul this situation the Conlibrio Colours of Culture© instrument is also suitable to let outsiders give an opinion on how they experience your culture. A perfect way to discovers which are ones blind spots. Suppliers, clients, recruiters they all got an image of your corpoarte culture. To map these viezs can be very clarifying when deciding on the desired transformation.


The common term is change. According to us that word is misleading, espacially when it's about corporate cultures. Change sounds very radical, while most of the time is more a case of adapting.

Adapting to changing cirumstances, like the market, the community, the technology or anything else, often leads to a change in strategy. Due to change the desired corporate culture will look differently and here a transformation will also take place.

To transform is to us the process by which people, teams and organisations adapt themselves. How that transformation should look, should be based on a thorough analysis. From our work with biologist we know that transformation always leads to stress. But we also learned that enough urgency and also intensty will reduce the stress in the end.

That is why we not only help to plan the transfomation, but also offer support to stay on track.

With results

Results as goal and proof

Conlibrio aims to gain measurable achievements. If you on a search with us, you will be able to focus on what really matters. Those matters can be strategic, operational, tactical or all three. We work with you on all levels.

We simple aim for the results which are important your business-organisation. We define the goals together, de SMART goals and how and what we can contribute.

This is important so that we, with you, do exactly which is needed for your organisation. Also on the basis of these predefined goals we can measure our success.

Results as goal and proof


Goals give direction. Strategic goals are useful to give the people in your organisation an idea of where the company is going.

One will always ask about the strategic goals. What do you wish to achieve long term? What do the people know about this? Maybe you have the answers always at hand. Maybe you don't. Than we will remind you of the neccesisty to have so. And of course we wil support the peolpe in the organisation to discover what the goals are and which meaning they have.



Goals give direction. Tactical goals are therefor very often the base upon which budgets and yearly plans are set. And so give direction to the operational goals.

With this leverl most companies are familiar and which gets, quite rightly, a lot of attention. Tactical plans become "real" when they are being translated into operational goals and deeds.



Goal gives directions. Operational goals help to get rapid feedback and book results. From tactical plans, like the ones on which the yearly budget are based, anyone in the organisation can follow the plan of action.

It's the result that counts. The question is which result counts. Therefor we need SMART goals; made to measure; embedded in time. But most of all enough resources and room for manouvre on the rules. Than you have a firm base for personal achievement, deligation, empowerment and respect.

We clearly also want this when we support your projects.


And strategy


Strategy, a word with many meanings. The best  strategies are build on a clear vision of the future and  a mission that explains how to get there.

In that case, the strategy provides direction and  purpose to what  people in organisations do and how  they  cooperate. Strategy as one of the keys to  unleash the power of people.

Als dat zo is geeft de strategie richting en zin aan wat mensen in een organisatie doen en hoe ze samenwerken. Strategie, één van de sleutels om de kracht van mensen te ontketenen.


Vision as a focal point

We from Comnlibrio like to be supported by giants; one of these giants is, according to us, Jim Collins. He has unearthed several interesting facts during his research for his books "Built to Last" and "Good to Great". Among which the fact that one should have a cklear vision. It turned out that all companies, which are succesful on the long-term, have a well embedded vision. A vision that directs the companies course over a long period of time. It does not need to take long to develop a good vision. A days work can be enough to write down a spirited description. Than the implementation can begin.

Vision as a focal point

Mission provides meaning

There're almost no companies which don't have a Mission Statement. And that's good! A mission, if taken serious and translated into clear deeds (see Strategy), makes sure that everyone follows the same course. We believe one should not develop one's mission sitting in an ivory tower, but rather together with a large group of people working in the organisation. We like to participate in this proces. To involve large groups of people, in an interactive way, with the development of meaning and purpose within an organisation is one of our strenghts.

Mission provides meaning

Strategy the cement for your company

De common definition of a company strategy is: " a dertermination of, and a choice from, alternative headlines within the organisation". That sounds rather distant and business-like.

In our experience the defining of a startegy is a means to translate the 'why' of the company into clear actions. This is alos an excellent way to bind, cement, people within the company. It helps if a stategy is clear, simple and tansparant, but most of all it helps if it is executable. We like to support you to reach this goal; so your people in your organisation can perform meaningful.