Conlibrio probably is the biggest small company in  the world. Able to flexibly respond to your questions  and specialised  in interactive, very goal and  result  oriented programmes. Creative and tailormade to help  you improve organisational performance.



Our customers come in all shapes and sizes.  
Wether it is individual  coaching, team and large  group interventions or something in between, we are  ready to contribute.

As long as it is about Aligning People & Culture with  Results & Strategy.


We are a passionate little group. You will notice at once, when you meet us. At the start you might find us difficult. We ask a lot of questions. This we do because we want to know the all the ins and outs of the matter and understand your question fully.

We coninue to built further with you to discover which method is best suited to meet your challenges and which will be the added value and the investment.

From the very start the proces is interactive and so truly made to measure. We do this in a quick and focused manner, this way it will cost you little time. We continue by meeting our appointsments and booking results. Just ask our past and current clients.


At Conlibrio we believe the price is determined by the added value. That is why we base our rates on the complexity and the added value of your project. We believe that our value and cost is  calculated  by how much your company improves.

To be able to calculate this we have developed our Client Value Tracker©. This is an application with which we can dertime together with you, in all transparancy, what our rate will be.

Our values

We embrace equality
For us everyone is equally important.

We are authentic
We feel free to be ourselves, regardless of the circumstances and allow others the same freedom. We have the intention to do what we think is right and just.

We are honest
We do not play games with people, honesty and openness come natural to us.

We work with an open mind
We are always looking for new information, solutions and inspiration and are open for the thoughts, ideas and convictions of others.

We add value
In every contact with people we add noticeable and instant value, contributing to mutual growth.

The team